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Welcome to the home page of Daughters of Ishtar

~ A women's mystery school dedicated to women's unfoldment and the celebration of the Divine Feminine ~

We offer contemporary rites of passage and healing ceremonies for women and girls - bringing sacredness and celebration to the significant life transitions of every woman.

Sacred women's circles are a beautiful way to celebrate and ritually bless the woman on the eve of marriage or motherhood.. as she starts a new job.. at the outset or conclusion of a major creative project.. as she prepares herself to embark on the next stage of her unfolding life-journey, whereever it may lead... read more

Ishara & Miriam also offer a Chalice Meditation & Prayer Ritual on an regular basis and a one year women's mystery circle & priestess training for those interested in deepening their experience of a contemporary embodied form of feminine spirituality.

Through an annual cycle of eight ceremonies, personal reflective practices and a regular meditation and discussion circle, we open doorways to direct experience of the presence of the Goddess in our lives. For those who feel drawn to dedicate themselves as priestesses in the service of the Great Goddess, there the option to receive a priestess initation on completion of the one year process. ...learn more

Read what other women have said about Ishara's work

Daughters of Ishtar has its physical home on the outskirts of Fremantle in Western Australia.
You can contact us by phone or email.

International and inter-state visitors to this site:-

We are proud to present the inaugural Daughters of Ishtar Online Learning Circle for the Ishtar women's mysteries, beginning in March/April 2010 (August 2010 for those in the Northern Hemisphere eg. Britain, Europe & North America). If you would like to get an inside experience of the work we do, we hope you will consider joining us in online community for mutual learning and growth.

Even though you may live far away, we trust that you will find inspiration on these pages to fan your flames. We are include short courses / e-learning circles and the foundations for our online Goddess Temple. ln the meantime we hope you will join our web of connections by subscribing to our e-newsletter (see below).We hope you will drop in again in the next few months to see how we are progressing...

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