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If you aspire to deepen your personal relationship with Goddess / the Divine Feminine through a process of playful self-discovery, devotional ritual and co-learning in a community of women walking a sacred feminine path,
be welcome here!

By choosing to participate boldly and beautifully in our online learning community you may bring healing to your woman-self, reclaim your personal creativity, discern and develop your innate spiritual gifts and find new and more satisfying ways to share these with others, make an important contribution toward the transformation of contemporary western culture and the future of our planet

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Miriam on our handfasting day
The Artist's Way - Circle
by Miriam Rose - Tuesday, 15 June 2010, 03:43 PM
Several women in our current Goddess Mysteries circle are interested in starting/restarting/continuing to work through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, so we decided to create an online learning circle for mutual encouragement and support. The group is open to all women interested in deepening their personal creativity, and is free of charge.
To enrol, you'll need to get the enrolment key from miriambrooker@gmail.com or ishara@daughtersofishtar.com.au
Miriam & Ishara

(Edited by Ishara - original submission Sunday, 6 June 2010, 01:56 PM)

this is ishara being a celebrant
Online learning circle now LIVE!
by Ishara - Tuesday, 16 March 2010, 08:51 PM
  Daughters of Ishtar now welcomes women to join our online learning circle for 2010. To enrol in the online women's mysteries circle, you will first need to login. Once you have successfully registered as a user of this site, please click on the course title listed on the front page of our Learning Circles page.

Available Courses

  • This course requires an enrolment key
    This is a space for women engaged in the Artist's Way process. If you wish to cultivate your own creativity, you are welcome to join us for mutual support and encouragement in this online learning circle.
    To participate you will need your own copy of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.
    There is space for you to just check in about how the process is going, as well as a space for you to share what you did with the topics and exercises in any particular week of the process.
    Start any time, wherever you are currently at in the process.
  • Cost: $200.00
    For thousands of years, women have encountered the sacred mystery of the divine directly - through their intimate daily experience of living in the world in a female body.The Ishtar Mysteries for women are a direct experiential path to deepening self-knowledge and intimate relationship with the Feminine Divine.

    If youare ready to
    o deepen your sense of original blessing– of the gift of being born female
    o tune your inner receptors – your instincts and intuition - to the frequency of the Divine Feminine
    o invite the mystery of Goddess into your heart & make yourself more available to direct experience of the sacred at work in your daily life
    o tap into and unleash your personal creativity
    o develop the skills you need to co-create & share sacred ceremony
    o discern your innate gifts and how youarebeingcalled to express and share them with others
    o explore what it might mean to be a priestess in the 21st century

    If these are things that interest you, then we cordially invite you to join us in a women’s circle dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine this year.

    The Ishtar mysteries for women are a direct experiential path to deepening self-knowledge and intimate relationship with the Feminine Divine.

    Our women’s circle will be exploring a cycle of eight mystery points through the year - each of which corresponds to an aspect of our embodied experiences as women - through a combination of ritual & ceremony, group discussion, personal reflection and other creative exercises. The group will offer a blend of teaching & co-learning, as well as co-creation of rituals for each of the eight mystery points.

    A closed group with a 10 month commitment (March-December 2010).

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This is our Learning Circle
- a place for women to learn more about
women's mysteries
and the Great Goddess


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