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Ishara's other site : Priestess of the Mother

Sun, Moon and Star Spiritual Centre in White Gum Valley (where we will be holding our women's meditation circlee on Monday nights

Ishara is a member of the International Dances of Universal Peace network in Australia. A form of meditative sacred dance using sacred phrases from the wisdom traditions of the world. Visit the local WA branch site.

Ishara is proud to be a founding member of the Goddess Association in Australia (GAIA). Check out the annual Australian Goddess Conference and other offerings around Australia on their website.

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Some sites I have found in my wanderings which may be of interest:-

Goddess & Women's Spirituality Sites

In Australia

Moon Diary Products Publishes a beautiful moon diary for women with Australian times for full moons etc.

Star of Ishtar A small business offering Goddess spirituality related services and based in Rosanna, Victoria

Goddess Creations Clothing & events business based in Victoria

Annique Radiant-HeartAn Australian priestess with a temple building project currently in progress in NSW - collecting donations!

Goddess Altar of Ishtar & Inanna
Shrine of the Forgotten Goddesses - Ishtar

Pregnancy & Motherhood sites

Community Midwifery WA Inc receives government funding to operate two Pregnancy & Childbirth information resource centres and a homebirth midwifery program in the Perth metro area. Lots of links to other good info. Check it out!

Birthrites Australian grass-roots network for women healing from cesearean birth

BubHub An Australian directory of pregnancy, birth and parenthood related services

Jane Palmer (Independent Midwife) provides extensive information on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting; including locating a midwife in Australia, online newsletter, many articles and comprehensive directory of related links. Find out about Jane’s midwifery services including Active Birth Workshops, homebirth, water birth, vaginal birth after caesarean, birth centre and hospital births.

Baby Carrier InstinctiveParenting.com is devoted to promoting and supporting secure healthy attachment between parents and babies  

Other useful sites - Alternative health, etc

PygmyPossum.com.au An amazing Aussie site listing every kind of alternative and complementary therapy practitioner around the country. Advertise your services free on this beautiful site.