Daughters of Ishtar
Women's Mysteries & Feminine Wisdom for the Contemporary World

Ishara, Priestess of the Goddess, at your service...

Be supported in your personal and spiritual unfoldment as a woman.

I am a contemporary priestess of the Great Mother Goddess, serving the women of Perth & Fremantle in Western Australia.

"My dream, the theme that recurs again and again in my life, is to recreate sacred Goddess space. To dream new forms for ancient roots, ancient energies, and give them new life for the times ahead. My creative work as a community facilitator, a healer and a priestess is a constant process of dreaming, gestating and birthing, a constant practice in opening, surrender and letting go.

Pregnancy and childbirth are a special focus of my work, because they touch on a central mystery of our humanity, and because of their double potential - both for realising our personal power as women, and for literally changing the world, one birth, one human beginning, at a time."

Priestess Services

A major part of my role as a priestess is to support and facilitate the unfoldment of women's deepening personal relationships with the Feminine Divine - however you may name or understand Her.

This can take a number of forms including (but not limited to) :-

If you have questions, or would like to explore how I could be of assistance to your own unfolding journey, I encourage you to make contact - either by phoning or emailing, or through the online enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

To learn something more about my priestess journey, please take a look at my blog.

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