A ritual for honouring Ishtar Enthroned

For those who can’t make it to our solstice gathering, I would like to offer you a simple ritual in honour of Ishtar Enthroned that can be performed at your home altar.

You will need paper and pen, a red candle, some oil for anointing, a burning pot, some red beads (however many you intuitively feel to have on hand), and some thread to string them on.

Dress your altar in red.
Create sacred space and in your own words call upon Ishtar Enthroned, the Goddess of the firey sun and the inner fires hidden in our blood, to be present to you.

State your intention to reclaim and integrate more of your innate power and authority as a woman and a priestess, so that you may become a clearer channel for the power of the Goddess flowing through you in your daily life and relationships.

Spend a few minutes reflecting upon the fears / barriers that keep you small in the various dimensions of your personal, professional and spiritual lives. Jot these down – keys words will do. Once you have run out of steam, review what you have written and discern if there are any ways in which your fears are legitimate attempts on the part of your unconscious to protect you from any realistic dangers. Set any which require deeper consideration to one side.

Next spend a few minutes focussing on the positive vision that you wish to create for yourself in your life. If there were no fear, what would you do? Imagine it as sharply and clearly as you can. How would it look, feel, taste, sound?

Now holding this vision in your mind, take some of the oil and anoint your candle. You may wish to hold the base of the candle to your heart centre, solar plexus or belly, as you stroke the oil along the length of the candle, imagining that you are empowering the candle with the energy of your vision.

Placing the candle in a candlestick on your altar, light it with a prayer of gratitude to the Goddess for the manifestation of your vision within a timeframe that feels comfortable to you.

The next step is to release all of the fears / barriers to your vision by burning them. Be sensible with your fire safety measures. Alternatively you may wish to just place them in the pot one at a time while visualising that the energy of each one goes into the flame of your altar candle and is consumed. (Later on you may want to take the bits of paper to a safe outdoor location to burn).

If there are any fears you have set to one side, consider how these might be framed as positive intentions and added to your vision for yourself. Write down your new affirmations to keep on your altar, then burn the original statement of your fear.

Finally, taking the bowl or container of red beads in your hands, consider the places, situations and people in your past from whom you wish to reclaim your own power. Taking one bead at a time in your fingers, affirm that you are claiming back this aspect of your personal creative power, and then add it to your string.

When you have finished threading the beads onto your string, tie it in such a way that the beads cannot slip off. You may wish to make it into a necklace or bracelet that you can wear. Or better still, you may want to incorporate it into a woven red belt that you can wear around your hips, helping you to sit firmly in your own centre of gravity and wear your innate authority as a woman.

When you are done, close with a final prayer to Ishtar Enthroned and then extinguish your candle.
Open your sacred space in your usual way.


December 02, 2009