A solo ritual to celebrate the Birthing Mystery at winter solstice


  1. Create a time and space where you are not likely to be disturbed
  1. Set up an altar dedicated to Ishtar Embodied and the mystery of the Birthing Power. Dress it in black and green with red touches. Place upon it whatever you will, but definitely including several (12?) candles. An image or icon of the divine child would be appropriate. Also a ‘birthing day’ cake with at least one candle on it.
  1. Organise your materials for making your doll, and a comfortable place to sit (on the floor or a low chair), in front of your altar. Make sure you have a nourishing drink within easy reach.
  1. Organise something to play the musical sound-track on.
  1. When ready to start, light some incense. Energetically cleanse your space however you prefer to do so.
  1. Re-read the written ‘tune in’ to the solstice mystery from Ishara’s blog.
  1. In your journal (or if you are not keeping one, on a clean piece of paper) write down whatever is in your heart and mind… your intentions for the greater journey with the Goddess mysteries and for this ritual in particular, your hopes and fears about manifesting and giving birth to your intention/dream at this time.
  1. Open the sacred temple space for the Ishtar mysteries, using the spiral Goddess practice which I have given separate instructions for on the learning circles site.
  1. When you have called in the three streams of blessing and affirmed yourself and your circle space as chalice – ie. when you have completed the first two thirds of the spiral Goddess practice – sit or stand in front of your altar and contemplate the mystery of Ishtar Embodied as you have represented it on your altar.
  1. Put on the womb-sounds sound track. Turn the lights down or off. Veil yourself completely with a light scarf or sarong. Spend a few minutes in darkness contemplating your sense of what within you seeks to be born at this time.
  1. Call in the blessings of Ishtar Embodied, the Great Birthing Power, through your words and intention. Move your body as you feel to. Speak aloud your prayer for the safe birth of the divine child within you. Light a candle upon your altar.
  • If you have not already done so, begin playing the soundtrack that we have compiled for you. While the womb-music is playing, begin work on creating your doll.
  • When the music changes (to a completely different sound) this signifies a rush of birthing energy. Put down your work and close your eyes. Change your body position – you may want to stand and sway your hips, you may like to squat or kneel on all fours. Follow the impulses of your body. Allow yourself to become very internal in your focus. Try to notice, without judgement, any feelings, sensations or images, thoughts or questions which arise for you.
  • When the womb-music returns, sit down comfortably again and resume your doll creation process. Remind yourself that this doll represents some newly emerging aspect of your relationship with yourself/Goddess. Let yourself be curious about that. With each stitch/touch that you add to your doll’s creation, you are bringing your creative intentions into fruition in the manifest world.
  1. Cycle through the two steps above as the music prompts you to. Optionally, after a rush of birthing energy subsides, you may light another small candle on your altar – one for each rush of energy, or as you feel moved to do so, so that the light in your space gradually builds.
  • As the rushes of energy come closer and closer together, the moment of birth draws ever nearer.
  1. When you hear the Toni Child’s track with the snatches of ambulance sound and tribal chanting, it is time to stop working on your doll (if you have not yet done so) and hold her close to your heart. Pour all the feeling from your heart into her. Fill her with your love. Let her be born.
  • Gaze at your beautiful doll. Breathe with her. Knowing that whether you yourself recognise it in this moment or not, no doubt everything is exactly as it is supposed to be, right now. Let the music of Sinead O’Connor – ‘All Babies’ – wash over the two of you. Let your doll communicate directly with your heart – speaking to the mother in you, letting you know what she and all that she represents to you is needing from you right now to protect and nurture her newborn existence.
  • Blessings upon the woman / priestess / mother that you are!
  1. Light the candle on your cake with a prayer of gratitude. Sing happy birth/ing day to your newborn. Eat the cake. Dance, sing, write in your journal – whatever you feel to do.
  • Take a photo of your altar and a close up photo of your doll.
  1. When ready, blow out the candles on your altar. Close the sacred space by completing the final part of the Spiral Goddess Practice and moving the chalice of light back up from the Ament through the widening spiral and up into the waiting hands of the Star Goddess.
  1. Much love to you from Miriam, Ishara and your sisters in the circle. We look forward to hearing about your experiences when you feel ready to share them with us. 🙂 !


June 2010