Awakening the Priestess Within

Beloved priestesses,
Here is my forming list of 13 useful conversations/explorations for awakening the priestess within… Please have a read through and see if it resonates with you? I would value your feedback/thoughts.. It may be turning into both a correspondence process (for those at a distance) and a hands-on course (for those who are close by)…
  1. making space in our lives for the Goddess – home altars as a practical expression of our evolving relationship with the divine, altar-centred practices
  2. sisterhood and self-blessing practices – sharing our stories; claiming our wholeness, saying yes to all of who we are: embracing and honouring our bodies, our life-experience, our emotions, our sensuality, our sexuality/womanhood, our minds, our imaginations, our passions, our creativity, our intuitive gifts; self-blessing/sister-blessing as the beginning of healing/wholeness (tapping: “even though Iam experiencing X , I still deeply and completely accept myself”, self-forgiveness: “I forgive myself for ever believing there was something wrong with me “)
  3. finding somewhere to stand – grounding ourselves in our bodies, in the earth, in relationship with the Land.labyrinths, walking meditations, sensual meditation, communing with trees, the tree of life meditation, acknowledging/making offerings to the spirits of place, belonging where we are, earth-friendly lifestyle adjustments as offerings
  4. creating inner and outer spaciousness – purification practices, meditation & breath, clearing space, circles, boundaries, orienting in space, the foundation practice for embodying the juices of the Great Goddess, invoking protection
  5. raising and grounding energy – energy awareness; use of dance/movement, breath, chant & vocalisation, visualisation to raise energy; elemental energies; erotic energy and polarity work; becoming a bridge between heaven and earth
  6. changing consciousness – getting into and out of trance. simple trance inductions; getting into trance through breath, movement, visualisation; entering other realms, grounding again afterwards
  7. opening to guidance – the practice of prayer, divination, working with dreams, cup of dreams practice, open heart meditation, the practice of surrender and the devotional path of the priestess, discerning our path to practical service in the world – the experience of vocation
  8. imaging / imagining Goddess – exploring and expressing our unfolding relationship with the divine through the creative arts, weaving shared visions, midwifing the future – visionary process and practice
  9. healing gifts – nature of healing, finding your healing medium, working with the wounded healer in us, energy exchange, personal ethics and personal boundaries
  10. opening the voice – finding our authentic voice, use of divine names and mantras, toning/intoning, exploring harmony and dissonance, the experience of resonance, invoking the Goddess
  11. standing in our power – claiming the authority of lived experience, challenging the internalised voices of the patriarchy, owning and honouring our gifts, the wildish self, responsible/responsive leadership, sharing power, empowering others, embodying the Goddess in ritual/ceremony and in daily life
  12. the art of creating meaningful ritual – clarifying intention, crafting symbolic action, opening space, opening ourselves, raising and directing transformational energy, changing ourselves/changing the world
  13. in the presence of mystery – being with birth, being with death