Earth God Rising – Autumn Equinox 2015

Dumuzi & Inanna (image from Wikimedia Commons)

This year, for the start of a new round of mysteries and the potential deepening of the temple itself, it is important that we bring in the energies of the rising and falling green god of the earth and wild places, to bring full generative fertility to our conception mystery. It is vital that we invoke the juicy seed of the wild god, (who is one with the beasts and the birds, the trees of forest and jungle, the tilling of the earth and the sprouting, growing and harvesting of the crops in the field; who speaks in the wordless voice of all wild creatures and in the rustle of the wind through the leaves of all that rises green out of the earth and reaches toward the sky;) that the blessings of his seed may spurt into the womb space of the Goddess, to co-create life, hope and the possibility of a new beginning. An active and dynamic union of the Beloved Goddess and the beloved god, beginning a new cycle of becoming which will bring a new physicality to that which we have dreamed. Including this energetic vessel which is the Ishtar Mysteries, which is the temple of the Beloved. Seeding the manifestation of whatever the emerging, evolving form of it is becoming this cycle and into future cycles.

The wild god is a process, a becoming, an enacting, an embodying.. He is dynamic, and deeply connected. He is relating, the experiencing of our relatedness. He is in our every mindful and instinctive interaction with the physical, organic and animal world. He is eros. He is the risen wheat and the harvested grain. He is the hunter and the slain. In a very real and visceral way, he is the balance of nature, the power of nature to return, to overturn and overtake, subverting and reclaiming the defunct and constricting constructions of human civilisations.

The purple altar of Ishtar Transformer expresses a face of the Devine Feminine at the peak of her fertile receptive responsive flow. Like the moon, she pulls us to Her, inviting us to dive deep and lose ourselves in Her, to surrender our small selves to the all transforming power of Love. We feel her drawing power in the tidal surges of our desires, like waves, glimpsed by moonlight, emerging from the dark oceans which are the unseen dimensions of our beings to break on the shores of our consciousness. Like the highest and deepest of love-making, in which we are simulatenously lover and beloved, climaxing in the vulnerability of an unconditional and complete surrender.

An angel hovers, intimating the presence of a soul seeking incarnation, the seed possibility of a divine human being. Shall we, like Mary, say “Behold the handmaid of the Divine; let it be unto me according to your word”?

Each one of us, no matter the specific circumstances of our conception, began this present cycle of embodiment through the union of male and female energies, the fusion of the female and male gametes: ova and sperm.

“When a couple makes love, a vortex of static energy is created that circulates through the chakras of the two lovers. The energy vortex establishes the necessary conditions for conception. It transports the predominant feelings of the couple towards the “land” of the souls to be incarnated and attracts one that reflects all these feelings. The esoteric traditions declare the energy vortex takes the correspondent colour of the feeling the two lovers had in the moment of conception and this colour attracts by resonance a certain soul.”

~ Traditional yogic teaching