Healing Ceremonies

Private Ceremonies for Personal Growth and Healing

Ceremony has always been a vital part of culture, marking changes in social status and contributing to the weaving and strengthening of social bonds. Howeveranother traditional use of ceremony is as a therapeutic tool.

A purpose designed ceremony can help an individual to:

  • explore her inner landscape,
  • integrate past experiences and emotional responses, and
  • gain insight into the underlying beliefs and values which inform her daily experience of reality.

Because it touches deeper symbolic or metaphorical levels of a person’s being the positive effect of a ceremony may continue to be felt for months or years.

WomanPower healing ceremony

A ceremony to empower your heart and your womb-centre, increasing your capacity for self-love and compassion, and bringing greater aliveness and vitality to your being.

This healing ceremony can be of benefit whenever you feel the need of greater assertive power in your life, for example: preparing for a planned vaginal birth after a previous cesarean (VBAC); to reclaim a positive sense of autonomy following a relationship-breakdown or divorce.

The ceremony empowers you to claim or reclaim your innate creative capacities and sense of yourself as a potent, connected, feminine being.

Through symbol and ritual we invoke the red blessings of the Goddess as the Bright Queen of Heaven, awakening you to your innate qualities of queenliness and your innate creative birthing power.

This ceremony may be celebrated privately (just yourself and the priestess) or you may wish to invite one or more close women-friends along to witness and support your healing journey.


WomanGrace healing ceremony

A ceremony to bring healing to your receptive, responsive feminine being..

This ceremony will support the healing journey of any woman working with issues of struggle and surrender, for example: desiring to conceive; recovery from sexual trauma; to integrate a difficult birthing experience.

The ceremony offers reconnection to the nurturing, maternal qualities of the Goddess as She Who Responds To Our Cries, the beloved compassionate Mother of the All.

Allow yourself to be held in the arms of the Mother and restored to your birthright as an innocent child of the Divine. Reconnect with your virginity, in the sense of “Being in a pure or natural state” or “Obtained directly from the first pressing”. Reclaim your capacity to receive intuitive guidance for your life.

As with the WomanPower healing ceremony, this ceremony can be performed privately, or you may choose to invite one or more close friends as witnesses to support you.


A Personal Healing Ceremony tailored to your Needs

If there is a specific issue you want to work with, or if neither of the above ceremonies seem exactly appropriate for your situation, we can co-create a ceremony especially for you.

Please contact Ishara for an appointment to discuss your options.