How do things begin?

“May all your choices be ones that intrinsically honour your soul” (Wendy Rule, ‘Deity’)

The great wheel of life rolls on. The cosmic cycles of creation turn, returning us to the point of fresh beginnings.

fruit-315543From a place of stepping more fully into the power of her own truth, a woman becomes more beautiful, more attractive. Drawing to her that which holds the powerful fascination of “not self”. Drawing to herself the blossoming potential of relationship with another human being. Another opportunity to glimpse her own deep potential in the mirror of another’s love, another’s presence. Finding ourselves lost in the presence of the Beloved Other. Finding our lost selves in the presence of the Beloved One.

Curiousity, chemical attraction, imprints buried deep in our subconscious minds from a time before conscious memory, the promptings of our soul urge to grow, to express and share ourselves, to explore belonging and make a valued contribution… who can say what draws us to the edge of the dark cave? But here we find ourselves, on the eve of the Autumn Equinox, contemplating, on the threshold of another journey.

At Autumn Equinox we are like the woman standing in the mouth of the dark cave. We are like the girl-woman Kore – daughter of the Great Mother herself – reaching out to touch and the flowering promise of the bulb – herself plucked, ripe in this moment, out of time and space and into the transformative realm below the earth, of ancient darkness and the Power of the Deep.

No hero’s journey this, no sailing in a frail barque at the mercy of the winds across dark oceans to lands unknown there to face down fate and other monsters and bring home a prize of great price. No. In our journey it is Ocean herself that calls to us. A vast ocean of darkness teaming with unseen potential, unseen life. Ocean, her body pulsing in great waves under the ebbing, flowing influence of the dark-bright changeable moon. Standing on the shoreline we, caught in the enchantment of round, ripely moon. Responding releasing shining blissful touching stroking her undulation, releasing, a stream of moonlight pouring pouring a pathway into… the total transformation of who we know ourselves to be. That begins in a movement deep within. A movement so small we might entirely miss its significance.

Conception. Accepting the seed. Our hunger taking in and swallowing just one – (surely not even half a handful!) – of the tiny seeds.

How things begin in darkness. When we say yes. With or without intent. Mindless, heedless, uncomprehending of the consequences. Or curious, tempted, telling ourselves it is such a small thing, won’t matter, couldn’t make a real difference. Or joyfully, ecstatically, surrendering our small selves to the great waves of love, knowing, and caring not at all that we may be transformed utterly in ways we cannot even begin to predict or understand.

Tumbling through blissful darkness. Throwing ourselves into the waves on a date with destiny. Caught up in the cosmic flowering of creation now seeded in our being. Drawn deeper and deeper into ocean, into the dance. ‘

Into the womb of the ancient and eternal Dark Mother we go!