Summer Solstice 2006

Mystery of womanhood / Ishtar enthroned

Brief notes from my journal (all I have)


  • Purifying the space
  • Cleansing our hearts
  • Gathering up our power from all the places we have laid it down
  • Processing the mother around the space
  • Naming and claiming our power for positive difference
  • Bring her down/inviting Her in

Bells & incense, all around the space

The waterlily

Invocation at the four altars from west to north – on the north the empty throne

Bringing in Rahima and Rachmana to oversee the cleansing of our hearts

Cleansing with fire – healing of rage, self-doubt, self-blame


What we actually did:

  • Cleanse with bells prior to entering the space
  • Call in the guardians and the Ishtar currents
  • Waterlily
  • Writing and shredding all obstacles/blocks to fully being ready to enthrone/enshrine Goddess in our hearts – to own our goddess-given power as women
  • Cleansing the space with drums and bells
  • Connecting with each of the four altars/currents, starting in the west and moving to the north. Connecting with the goddess figurine and processing her around the circle to her waiting throne.
  • Spontaneous sung prayer.
  • Lighting candles in the red candelabra and chanting Ishtar.
  • consecrating our own little red candles to take home and burn on the solstice
  • Closure.