Threshold mysteries

Cyclical time, thresholds and spirals

Claiming the mysteries of the flesh, connection to earth, to the blessing of embodiment, gifts of connection to the ancestral realm – the great birthing – of consciousness into the world of form

Connection to the mysteries of the breath, accessing the star realms, inspiration, soul potential, capacity for the communion of consciousness, interconnection of awareness, unborn spirit, starsong/soulsong – mystery of spiritual nourishment, soulful sustenance poured out from the cosmic breast of the Mother. blood transformed into light

Connection to the mysteries of blood, inner ownership of the blood cycles, of personal power, cultivating the holy red inner fires – holy aliveness, the ability to hold and express our tantric natures, the beginning of sacred sexuality and the fullness of womanpower – mystery of the enthronement of goddess consciousness in our hearts and wombs – becoming the chalice, the container.

Opening to the mysteries of desire, fertile flow and the gift of surrender. Love’s dissolving power. Having cultivated the container, to melt, merge and be transformed. – mystery of transformation through love, the experience of becoming the beloved of the Great Lover.