Touch the Stars – Reflections upon the Mystery of Breath

The babe is born, and in that moment her life hangs in the balance. She has made it through the sometimes perilous passage from the womb into the world. Now she must take her first breath of life. Do we who behold her unconsciously hold our breath?
If she breathes, she joins the breath communion of all life on earth and her life as a individual being begins. If not, then she is still-born, a life ended before it has fully begun.

Approaching the Mystery of Breath we find ourselves awake in the dark hours between three and five o’clock in the morning. Around us the world is sleeping, wrapped in the unconsciousness of dreams. The dark ocean laps upon the shore unseen by all but the creatures of the night and those few souls whose business keeps them up beyond where our diurnal bodies willingly go.

This is the time of greatest psychic quiet, the time when the very old and the ill may simply forget to take another breath and slip out of the world without a sound.
Above us the sky is full of stars. Hard to believe that each of those pin-pricks of light sprinkled across the heavens is a ball of fire as big as our sun. Some are whole galaxies. Curving across the sky from east to west the planets move in their great dance against the backdrop of our own galaxy – the Milky Way.

In the quiet of the night, the body of the Earth invites us to lie with our bodies pressed against her body, cradled within her atmosphere. In the dark our heightened senses may begin to perceive the subtle rhythms of the Earth – breathing through us and around us. The advocates of Deep Ecology remind us of what our indigenous forebears knew well – that through our breath we are connected to all that lives within the body of Gaia, the living Earth. The air that we filter through our lungs has been recycled over and over through countless generations of beings. From the dawn of life on Earth, the animal and vegetable kingdoms have been inseparably joined in the great whirling dance of shared breath.

Deep relaxed breaths expand our consciousness. As we follow the invitation of the night to lie on our backs and gaze up at the sky above us, our spirits may take flight. Imagination leaps the bounds of daylight three dimensional reality into dimensions beyond. Drawn by the timeless wonder of the stars we become astral travellers.

Consciousness spins a golden thread of breath – connecting the worlds within and worlds without, from the unknown dark vastness of outer space to the unknown depths within our minds. The relativities of time and space blur. Under the influence of this mystery we are challenged to open our minds to states beyond our physical ken – life before embodiment, the flight of consciousness after physical death. Here is an open invitation to tap into and channel a wealth of information that seems to come to us from outside the bounds of ordinary space-time, extra-terrestrial possibilities.

The free-floating mind gathers and winds together the fine tendrils of possible reality, weaving gossamer tapestries of imagination, vibrating with potential. Grandmother Spider hums with satisfaction. Mayhap we catch a hint of some cosmic truth – know fleeting intimations of the Great Beyond.

May you be blessed with a deep and grace-filled breath!


first published online June 04, 2010