Why the mysteries matter

I’d like to speak a little about some of the gifts that the Ishtar Mysteries have to offer to women/the future, as I see them…

Spirituality that is grounded in the practical life-experiences of ordinary women

A life-affirming spirituality which values the wisdom of women’s bodies, the connecting power of sexuality and erotic relationship, the physical and emotional processes of bringing forth and nurturing children, in a culture which increasingly does not…

Experiential affirmation of our original blessing as women, of our own innate beauty and worthwhile-ness as female human beings. A healthy sense of self-worth empowers our creativity and our capacity to take positive action in the world

A shared spiritual framework which assists us as women to find points of connection… to bridge the islands of individuality which our culture is increasingly creating… to find each other… to discover the synergy of strength, creativity and wisdom that can emerge when women connect with other women in a supportive environment

A spiritual context for our own efforts to take care of ourselves, our families, our communities and our little bit of the Earth… The experiential knowledge of being in relationship to a Higher Power. This experiential knowing helps sustain our emotional resilience and spiritual buoyancy in the face of a global environmental outlook with increasingly huge potential for inducing numbness and despair…

Spiritual technology to assist with fertility/conception (and childbirth and motherhood) as we head into a future where these become less and less able to be taken for granted.

Restoring cyclical time – a spiritual framework which links the cycles of nature with the cycles of our inner and outer lives as women… To me that helps deflect this sense of whizzing towards impending doom which is gradually overtaking the culture at large and restores us to a sense of belonging within the natural world rather than being outside/alienated form it.

Times and spaces dedicated to the remembering of the sacred in life… Restoring a sense of sacredness to a postmodern secular materialist world in which essentially everything is a commodity to be bought, sold and consumed.