Winter Solstice 2010 – Ceremony Outline

  1. Gathering in
  2. Set up physical space
  3. Cuppas all round
  4. Preparing materials for doll making
  5. Divination with cards
  6. Sit in circle – welcome song
  7. Turn lights to dim
  8. Tuning in to theme of ritual
  9. Simple centering exercise using breath
  10. Sharing from centre – paired & then group
  11. Waterlily meditation to ground & connect + call in women/spirits to be with us
  • Bringing down the chalice of light and opening the four altars
  • Sitting in circle in darkness (tealight burning on each altar only) – each woman takes some time under her veil to meditate upon what it is that is waiting to be born in her life
  • Group chant / Invocation of Goddess as Mother/Birthing Power
  1. Light central candle
  • Begin work on doll creation
  1. When shift in music happens, close eyes, change position – stand, squat, move as you feel to – inward focus
  • When music returns to womb sounds – resume work on doll creation
  • Rushes of birthing energy come gradually faster and longer
  1. Culminating in Toni Child’s track Birth
  • Hold your doll baby and tune in to what she needs from you now
  1. Music – Sinead O’Connor – all babies
  2. Each woman lights a candle on (or around the cake) with a prayer
  3. Sing happy birthing day and blow out candles
  4. Eat cake, drink chai
  5. General feasting
  6. Closing circle / close the ritual space

Waterlily Open Heart Meditation