Winter Solstice – The Great Birthing – June 2010

The Earth dreams in the dark embrace of the Goddess. Deep in her sacred womb-cave new life – new possibility – stirs. The heart-beat of creation sounds loudly in our ears. We pulse to a rhythm resonant with the birthing and dying of stars and galaxies, the rise and fall of species, peoples, empires… We are seeds, fallen into the fertile growing medium of opportunity. Heart beats measuring out ripeness as the moon swell and shrinks and swells again. Slowly the possible takes form.

Winter solstice brings a new appreciation for the generative role of darkness – as we prepare to celebrate the emergence of all that is – the endless process of becoming – which pours forth from the primal darkness of the Great Mother’s womb. Now is a time for reflecting and giving thanks for the potency that is hidden away within our beings, often well out of sight of our conscious identities, until the time is ripe for its birth (or rebirth) into our lives and our world. What within you now readies itself to be born?

June 04, 2010