Chalice Ceremony

Join us for our Chalice Ceremony held 1-2 times per month on a Wednesday from 7:15pm in Hilton (Fremantle area).

$5 donation

A Healing Ceremony for the Earth and All her Peoples.

Bring the cup of your heart to the fountain of the Goddess with this beautiful healing prayer ritual for the Earth and all her peoples.

As part of the ritual, women are invited to place into the centre – individuals, eco-systems, aspects of our global culture and parts of our own selves – for healing and transformation.

We welcome any woman who wishes to deepen her connection to the Divine Feminine.

If are unable to attend the ceremony in person, you are welcome to forward your prayer intentions by email to [email protected] or sms to 0415 593 408.

Connect with soul-sisters
Nourish your spirit
Send blessings to the world.