Goddess Temple

Do you ever wish there was somewhere sacred and special that you, as a woman, could go to rest, contemplate and renew your spirits? Would you like to know that there was somewhere women could come together to share their journeys and take heart from one another? Do you ever dream about a long ago time, when Goddess worship was commonplace and the temple was there for all to share?

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Imagine an older-style house transformed into some sort of hybrid between an ancient temple and a modern healing centre, where women can come to contemplate or just rest, or come together in sacred space to play, to heal, to share stories, to unwind, to worship the Goddess, to transform the world… to do what women do.

Imagine an entrance where healing waters flow from the heart of a goddess with stars on her skirts, where you can leave your shoes and leave your cares behind with a whispered prayer.

Imagine a red room, decorated in red from floor to ceiling, with soft carpet and cushions, where you can go to just quietly be, in your bleeding time, if you should feel the need to retreat from the world for a while. Imagine another room decorated in purples and golds and sea-greens, like the sunset ocean, with a mattress where you can lie down and let your breath take you on a journey into other worlds.

Imagine a smaller room, dimly lit by candle light, with a small altar in the corner on which food is laid out for the ancestors, and candles burn in solidarity with all the women all around the world who are labouring to birth their babies in that hour.

Imagine a gathering place, with the zodiac in a circle on the floor, where women could honour each other with rituals and rites of passage. A courtyard garden, a hot tub, a space for making art…

Which titles would you look for, on the inspirational bookshelf? What kinds of healing and nurturing would you seek?

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