Daughters of Ishtar Home

~ A Goddess mystery school dedicated to women’s unfoldment and the celebration of the Divine Feminine ~

Daughters of Ishtar embodies a sacred feminine stream of blessing which honours and holds the whole of women’s lived experience as sacred – the luminous moments of love, joy and self-transcendence as well as the dark and potent places of despair, rage and birthing power.

The Daughters of Ishtar women’s goddess mysteries school is based in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

Through an annual cycle of eight mystery ceremonies, personal reflective practices and a monthly healing prayer ceremony, we open doorways to direct experience of the presence of the Goddess in our lives.

We also offer contemporary rites of passage and healing ceremonies for women and girls – bringing sacredness and celebration to the significant life transitions of every woman.

For those who feel drawn to dedicate themselves as priestesses in the service of the Great Goddess, there the option to receive an ceremonial and energetic initiation on completion of the one year process. …

The Daughters of Ishtar Pledge

We, the Daughters of Ishtar, do lovingly begin upon the work of restoring sacredness to our embodied experience as women, affirming that it is in each of us, by virtue of our womanhood, to be Her priestess.
This we pledge out of love for ourselves, our sisters and She Who Is, Was and Shall Be – so that the blessings of Her life-giving juices may flow, restoring the world in beauty and bringing healing to the Earth and all Her creatures.

Our shared hope is that Daughters of Ishtar can help make a positive contribution to the evolution of sustainable local culture and a peaceful world.