Ishtar Mysteries Cycle

The core of the Ishtar mysteries is expressed and experienced through an annual cycle of eight ceremonies: aligned to cyclical journey of the sun through the four stations of the equinoxes and solstices and the mid-points between. Through this annual cycle of ceremonies, we are called back into connection with our own innate beauty, strength and wisdom as women.

Beginning from a threshold moment in the cycles of our lives, each ceremony opens a doorway to an inner experience of the divine feminine, the Great Goddess.

These ceremonies are strongly devotional in nature, offering women space for personal prayer & reflection as well as the opportunity to experience a sense of connection and sisterhood with one another. Typically, we share in a guided meditation, chant sacred Goddess names, move our bodies, share a simple blessing with each other, and generally soak up the delicious life-giving energies of the Great Goddess through four distinct aspects of Her being related to four dimensions of feminine power and embodied female experience.

The ceremonies invite us into a deepening relationship with the eternal and yet ever-changing faces of the Great Goddess. They remind us that we too are created in the image of the divine.

Under the Blessings of Ishtar

This work is offered under the blessing of the divine name Ishtar, a middle-eastern name of the Great Goddess. Ishtar is an ancient name for the Goddess of Love, primarily associated with Venus, the morning and evening star. She was the pre-eminent female deity of the ancient Babylonian pantheon. Ishtar, by various names, continued to be an important deity until the advent of Christianity in the Roman empire and Islam in the Arabic world and Persia.

Now is the time to claim your spiritual birthright as a woman and deepen your intimate relationship with the great mystery which is Goddess..

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