Priestess Pathway – Northern Hemisphere 2022

Red Rose banner for the Daughters of Ishtar priestess training pathway. The red rose is an ancient symbol of the Goddess

Diving into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries

Priestess training starts September 2022 – 1 year online circle

The Goddess temple of the Daughters of Ishtar

celebrates the sacredness of women’s embodied experiences
through devotional ceremonies
honouring the Great Goddess

under the blessings of the divine name


She who is Love, Lover and Beloved
The Great Mother of All
expressing Herself through all of Creation:
sun, moon, starry heavens
bones of the earth
all that sprouts, shoots, grows and unfolds, blossoms, fruits, falls and decays

ancient Goddess of many names and faces
beloved of the ancestors
carrying the hopes and dreams of the unborn generations
You sing the soul-song of becoming
inviting us in
to deeper relating
with the mysteries of our own flesh and blood

– conception, gestation, birthing, breath, nurtured and nurturing, individuation, sovereignty, desire –

Logo of Daughters of Ishtar - three feminine forms which might be images of the goddess or her temple priestesses - in red, orange and purple with the words Daughters of Ishtar written underneath.


Northern Hemisphere Autumn 2022

One year priestess training for women who feel called to live in service to the Divine Feminine

If you are a woman who is interested in spirituality, healing and women’s empowerment
If you are fascinated by menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, feminine embodiment, sacred sexuality and more
If you want learn how to hold sacred space for other women/humans to come together, grow and evolve

Are you drawn to a spiritual path of devotion and co-creation with the Divine Feminine?

Please consider whether the Daughters of Ishtar priestess pathway is calling you at this time

The invitation

This year, beginning in northern hemisphere autumn, I am inviting a small group of women living in the northern hemisphere to come together online for a one-year priestess mentoring process.

We will meet approximately twenty times through the year for an hour of live group mentoring via zoom video conference. I will share with you the foundation spiritual practices that I have been inspired with during 20+ years of walking the path of a priestess within the Ishtar mysteries – both in my own personal life and in holding sacred spaces for women to gather and worship the Goddess.

You will be given instructions and guidance to set up your temple space at home and enact each of the eight Goddess mystery ceremonies that make up the annual cycle of becoming – from autumn equinox to summer solstice and the midpoints between.

There will also be a number of topics for personal reflection and journal work, designed to help you develop your personal understanding of what it means to become a priestess of Ishtar within the Daughters of Ishtar tradition.

At the conclusion of the year-long mentoring process, if you so choose, you may request initiation into the Daughters of Ishtar temple priestess tradition and begin sharing this work with other women in your local community.

Daughters of Ishtar priestess training temple altar decorated with purple altar cloth and symbols of the Goddess Ishtar in her aspect as Divine Lover and Beloved
Purple altar of Ishtar Transformer
(Autumn equinox – Conception mystery)
Daughters of Ishtar priestess training temple altar dedicated to the Goddess in Her aspect as nurturing mother of all worlds
White altar of Ishtar Rising
(Spring equinox – In Arms/Lactation mystery)
View of Ishara's Daughters of Ishtar goddess temple set up for a ceremony as part of the online priestess training program
View of Ishara’s temple set up for a ceremony

The Mystery Ceremony Cycle

You will be given instructions and guidance to celebrate these ceremonies at a time of your choosing, preferably within a week of the dates shown below. We will discuss your experiences at the next scheduled mentoring call, and you are also encouraged to share your experiences with the group on the online forum.

Mystery of Conception – Autumn equinox – September 23

We surrender ourselves to the transformational power of love, so that something new can be seeded within us.
The descent into the dark begins.

Mystery of Gestation – November 7

We feel the first fluttering of a new beginning dreaming itself into form within us.
The seed hidden in the dark earth begins to sprout.
Formed in the dark womb of the Mother, our flesh is a gift from spirit and from the ancestors.

Birthing mystery – Winter solstice – December 21

The ripe moment arrives, that which is within demands to get out. The soul-spark seeks expression in the world.
The waves of birth take hold and the great opening begins.

Mystery of Breath – February 4

We emerge from the cave to find ourselves under a wide starry sky.
New life takes its first independent breath, and joins the communion of all living beings – past, present and future.

Lactation mystery – Spring equinox – March 20

Milk spurts from the abundant breast of the mother in response to the baby’s cries. The eyes of mother and baby meet.
We remember that we are all children of the Divine Mother. We find ourselves called to mother the Divine Child.
It is the dawn of a new day.

Mystery of Blood – May 5

The cycle of growth and maturation continues. The child begins to separate and individuate. The flow of menstrual blood begins.
The budding daughters of the Great Mother join the circle of women. The women celebrate.

Sovereign mystery – Summer solstice – June 21

Festival of the Goddess as Queen of Heaven, ‘One-in-Herself’, the divine I AM. The tide of light reaches its peak.
We flower into our full authority and sovereignty. We assume full responsibility for our own lives and for our impact on the world around us. We speak our truth with love, and take courageous action for change.

Mystery of Desire – August 7

The open flower invites the attention of wandering bees and butterflies.
Desires arise as messengers from our soul, inviting us to step beyond the self, beyond the known.
We reach out for relationship with something more, something not yet known to us, sensing the seeds of potential.
The way opens for a new cycle of becoming to begin.

Your Commitment to the Process

Time Commitment

Live group mentoring sessions will be held on Sundays at 10.30am Universal Time (which is 6.30pm in Perth, Western Australia where Ishara lives) – approximately twice per month. Due to the nature of the mentoring process, you will want to attend these sessions in person rather than wait for a recording.

In addition, you will need to find time and space to create your devotional ceremonies – preferably within one week of the dates given below. You will want to allow between 2.5 and 3.5 hours approximately for each ceremony.

You will also want to spend 2 -3 hours each month reading, reflecting or making physical preparations for your ceremony work.

Tentative schedule is available on the Daughters of Ishtar Temple google calendar here. Please note that the dates of the scheduled calls may be subject to change.

Financial Contribution

US$770 – Payment plan available (US$110 up front, then 10 monthly payments of US$66)

Note: The year long mentoring program fee includes one individual mentoring session with Ishara. Additional one-on-one mentoring is available on request.

How do I sign up?

If you already know you want to be part of this process, please click below to introduce yourself and express your interest.

The group will be limited to a maximum of ten women, so please don’t be shy to let me know you are considering joining us

If you are not sure yet, you are welcome to come to the introductory session and ask any questions you may have.
See below

Daughters of Ishtar lineart illustration of a Goddess temple altar showing vulva symbol, flames and banner of the Emerging Goddess

FREE Introductory session – Sunday 21 August

Register NOW to join us live on 21 August
for an introduction to the Daughters of Ishtar
temple ceremonies.

  • You will learn about the four primary altars of the temple, and gain an overview of the annual ceremony cycle.
  • Opportunity to ask Ishara, Shereen and Anna any questions that you may have.
  • A recording will be available for those who can’t make the live session

Recreating the temple – a shared dream for the future

Many who are drawn to the priestess path have a sense of past-life connection to the ancient goddess temples of the Middle East. The temples of the past were not empty buildings, but communities where religion, arts and culture flourished. As contemporary priestesses, some of us dream about establishing permanent sacred spaces that can serve our local communities through the changing times ahead.

Although my own temple space is a repurposed portion of our home garage, I still hold the flame for a vision of communal sacred spaces where like-minded people can gather for worship, meditation, learning and play.

Perhaps you too would like to be part of the Dreaming for a saner, more sacred and sustainable future?
If so, your next step might be to join Ishara, Shereen and Anna for Spiral One of the Daughters of Ishtar priestess pathway in autumn 2022.