Sacred Feminine Spiritual Companionship

Sacred Feminine Spiritual Companionship for Women
Fremantle & Perth, Western Australia

Spiritual Companionship for Women on a Divine Feminine spiritual path in Perth, Western Australia
Ishara de Garis – Spiritual Companion, Perth WA

Discern your purposes. Befriend your gifts. Make peace with life.

If you would like to explore, grow and deepen in a sacred feminine or Goddess spirituality path, contact Ishara. I would be pleased to learn more about your particular needs and circumstances and to discuss how Spiritual Companionship can support your personal and spiritual growth as a woman and a human being.

What is Spiritual Companionship?

A Spiritual Companion supports you to listen deeply to your own heart and discern the call of the Sacred Feminine in your life. Ishara offers Spiritual Companionship to women at all stages of life’s journey.

This process of deep listening in a sacred context can be helpful:
– when you are undergoing a major life-transition, such as pregnancy & new motherhood, preparation for marriage, career-change, mid-life / peri-menopause, or the death of a loved one;
– when you feel drawn to a Sacred Feminine path, but perhaps feel unsure how to proceed;
– when you want to unlock your innate creativity and get in touch with the gifts of the Divine Feminine in your life;
– when you are feeling stuck, stagnant, lost or confused – especially in relation to your sense of yourself as a spiritual being and a woman;
– when you find yourself on a healing journey, eg. living with cancer or another serious illness, recovering from abuse or addiction;
– when seeking inward clarity in relation to your life-goals and significant relationships.

Although the focus is primarily on your spiritual unfoldment, you can expect the fruits of this process to show up in all dimensions of your life including your intimate relationships and your workplace. Some of these fruits may include: gaining deeper insight into the nature of your unique personal gifts, gathering the courage to playfully explore with new forms of self-expression, and growing the wisdom to discern when and where you are called to share your treasures with your community and the wider world.

What does a Spiritual Companion do?

Drawing on 16 years of personal experiences with walking a Sacred Feminine pathway as a priestess of the Great Mother Goddess, Ishara will hold a sacred space for you as a high witness to your spiritual unfoldment as a woman and human being. Rather than providing answers to the questions or issues which concern you, she will join you in sitting attentively with them to see where they may lead. By listening deeply to your story, Ishara will help draw in the light of the Divine Feminine to illuminate your personal journey of growth and transformation.

What is a Sacred Feminine pathway?

The term ‘sacred feminine’ as it is used here describes a multiplicity of spiritual paths – both ancient and modern – which cultivate relationship with the divine as an explicitly feminine presence, and/or place a high value on women’s direct lived experiences, the wisdom of the body and connection to nature as pathways to self-knowledge and spiritual unfoldment. This encompasses practitioners of contemporary Goddess spirituality (worship of the Great Goddess in any or all of Her aspects), as well as the many practioners of the world’s established religious and spiritual traditions who are seeking to reintegrate feminine language, imagery and values into their personal and shared spiritual practice.

Face to face sessions are conducted in the MoonRose Caravan, located in the front garden of Ishara & Miriam’s home in Hilton (Fremantle area), Western Australia.

Contact Ishara today to discuss an appointment – 0415 593 408.