Women express their appreciation of Ishara’s work…

Blessings Beloveds,

Below, is notice from Ishara (Catherine de Garis) on the next Womens’ Mystery Ceremony. I’m very sad that I can’t make this one, but I went along last time and was profoundly moved by the loving and sacred space Ishara creates for these ceremonies to take place. It was full of beauty and grace and allowed me to fall into a gentle space that was much needed at the time.

We are moving more and more towards unity consciousness but there are still many women who have not fully explored the deeper mysteries of the Divine Feminine that we embody. This is one way in which you may do so…

In Love & Oneness


Recommendation from a satisfied client re. Naming Ceremony


Ishara recently performed a naming ceremony for my two young children, Samson and Matilda. The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt, and Ishara spoke with resonance and composure.

The ceremony was put together in such a way that involved all who attended. A friend remarked she had attended other naming ceremonies that were just “someone at the front talking.” Ishara surpassed this by including not just myself and Andy, (my partner): but also grandparents, great grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends.

We met with Ishara on two occasions before the ceremony. She took great care in finding out how we wanted the ceremony to proceed, by providing various prayers, quotes and suggestions. Her manner was professional and warm.

Everyone who attended remarked on how unique and moving the ceremony was. My sister in law also commented that Ishara “let everyone have their space.”

Thank you Ishara for providing this service for us, it is an occasion that we will remember and cherish.


Elissa M.


Comments from the visitor’s book…

…about the Ishtar mystery ceremonies

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful sacred space” Teena

“A lovely peaceful evening” Mardie

“Beautiful evening in sacred space with sacred sisters.” Linda

“Beautiful & insight-provoking” Sakina

“Thank you Ishara & the Goddess, for a beautiful space & ceremony” Lillian

…about ‘Coming Home to Ourselves’ retreat

Thank you so much for creating a safe, fun and magical place for me “to be me”. Thank you for being brave and walking the path of priestess. It was wonderful to “Come Home”. Wendy

“Thank you for providing the space and sense of safeness that allowed us all to find a little of what we seek” Shelley

“Blessings 2 U Catherine for holding such a sacred weekend for us womyn 2 B 2gether. I will hold it close in my heart as I travel on…” Lisa

“Thank you for the sacred space you created for us. I feel strong, powerful, loving and full of universal energy again, like coming home.” Alana