The ceremonies

The Ceremonies

Deepening in the sacred feminine mysteries with priestess-mentor Ishara

Dates for 2015

Spark of Life

By divine grace, a seed of new possibility takes hold. Tues 11 & Fri 21 March


The dream begins to take form, and stirs. Tues 22 Apr & Sat 3 May

Birthing Mystery

Light out of darkness: manifesting spirit. Tues 10th & Sat 21st June

Breathing into Life

Between earth & sky, communing with all that is. Tues 22 Jul & Sat 9th Aug

Held & Beheld

Lifted in the nurturing arms of the Mother. Tues 16 & Tues 23 Sept

Sacred Blood

A time for letting go, returning to ourselves. Tues 28 Oct & Sat 8 Nov

Autonomy & Authority

Celebrating the truth, beauty & power of woman. Tues 9 Dec & Sat 20 Dec


What is your soul whispering to you? Tues 20 Jan & Sat 1 Feb

For thousands of years, women have encountered the sacred mystery of the divine directly – through their intimate daily experience of living in the world in a female body.  This is our spiritual birthright as women. In the ancient world (and to this day within many indigenous cultures) women’s innate sense of personal connection to spirit was supported and deepened through shared women’s culture: a living tradition of sacred story, song and ceremony honouring and celebrating female embodiment and teaching us how to relate respectfully to the many faces of the divine feminine. Ishara’s work is about opening doors to ancient and primal mysteries of female embodiment and the feminine creative process, in a form that’s accessible & relevant to the contemporary world. The mystery ceremonies are a direct experiential path to deepening self-knowledge and intimate relationship with the Feminine Divine.  This work embodies a feminine stream of blessing which honours and holds the whole of women’s lived experience as sacred – the luminous moments of love, joy and self-transcendence as well as the dark and potent places of despair, rage and birthing power.


We are living in interesting times. Women are coming together in groups all over the planet at this time. They are coming together to vision new, more sustainable ways of living and relating, drawing on the ancient wisdom traditions of the world and their own embodied experience. Their hope – and ours – to contribute to the evolution of sustainable local cultures, in the face of an uncertain global future.  Will you join us? If you are ready to

  • deepen your sense of original blessing – of the gift of being born female
  • tap into and unleash your personal creativity
  • tune your inner receptors – your instincts and intuition – to the frequency of the sacred feminine
  • discern your innate gifts and how you are being called to express and share them with others
  • invite the mystery of Goddess into your heart & make yourself more available to direct experience of the sacred at work in your daily life
  • discover something of what it means to live in service to the sacred feminine in the context of the contemporary world

If these are things that interest you, then I cordially invite you to join me in exploring the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine this year. These are the times that we were born for. Blessings, Ishara

A Cycle of Ceremonies

Our mystery cycle takes us on an inner journey through a sequence of eight ceremonies held around the equinoxes and solstices and the midpoints between. Each station on this journey evokes a primal mystery connected with an aspect of our embodied experiences as women and the feminine process of co-creation: conception, gestation, birth, breath, nurture,  menstruation, autonomy & authority, the mystery of desire… We will be exploring each mystery point through a devotional ceremony designed to invoke the blessings of a particular face or facet of the sacred feminine and empower your direct personal experience of this mystery at work in your own life.

 What women have said:-

“Thank you for a most sacred & special ceremony. I’ll treasure this feeling for a long time to come!”  Sarah Pettigrew

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful, energising, safe sacred space.” Tasmin Maher

“You have helped me open my heart to love – I’ve cried a lot and will try to keep this love and peace around me”  Jean

“Perfect! Beautiful, mysterious & JUICY!” Linda Graham

Under the Blessings of Ishtar

This work is offered under the blessing of the divine name Ishtar, a middle-eastern name of the Great Goddess.  Ishtar is an ancient name for the Goddess of Love, primarily associated with Venus, the morning and evening star. She was the pre-eminent female deity of the ancient Babylonian pantheon.  Ishtar, by various names, continued to be an important deity until the advent of Christianity in the Roman empire and Islam in the Arabic world and Persia. Now is the time to claim your spiritual birthright as a woman and deepen your intimate relationship with the great mystery which is Goddess..