Great Mother Invocation

Birragai, April 2005

In the beginning, the primal waters.
In the beginning, the mother’s heart-beat.
In the beginning, the birthing power.
In the beginning, the womb of creation.

In all of our endings and beginnings,
Named and Nameless,
the Great Goddess.

I invoke the great Creative Impulse
that courageously and generously says: Yes!
Yes! to the new, untried and unknown.
Yes! to birthing and releasing.
Yes! to remembering and re-joining.
Yes! to multiplying the diversity and increasing the love.
To ecstatic surrender: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Dreaming matter remembers the Mother.

May these, Her living waters awaken every cell:-
– whose children are these?
– whose mothers are we?

Thank Goddess for the mysterious dark!

Thank Goddess for the birthing light!

Thank Goddess for the place where light and dark are one!