Daughters of Ishtar is about opening doors to ancient and primal mysteries of female embodiment and the feminine creative process, in a form that’s accessible & relevant to the contemporary world.

The work of the Goddess begins in the heart. Our devotional ceremonies and shared spiritual practices open the possibility of direct personal experience of the Feminine Divine. Our shared intention, and the sacred temple spaces we co-create, are designed evoke potent energies of healing and transformation for our own lives and for our world.

Are you seeking a deeper, more intimate relationship with Goddess ~ the Divine Feminine?

If you are ready to

  • deepen your sense of original blessing – of the gift of being born female
  • tap into and unleash your personal creativity
  • tune your inner receptors – your instincts and intuition – to the frequency of the sacred feminine
  • discern your innate gifts and how you are being called to express and share them with others

If these are things that interest you, then we cordially invite you to join us in exploring the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.

Reclaim your birthright

For thousands of years, women have encountered the sacred mystery of the divine directly – through their intimate daily experience of living in the world in a female body.  This is our spiritual birthright as women.

In the ancient world (and to this day within many indigenous cultures) women’s innate sense of personal connection to spirit was supported and deepened through shared women’s culture: a living tradition of sacred story, song and ceremony, honouring and celebrating female embodiment, and teaching us how to relate respectfully to the many faces of the divine feminine.

These are the times that we were born for.

We are living in interesting times. Women are coming together in groups all over the planet at this time. As we gather, we begin to envision new, more sustainable ways of living and relating, drawing on the ancient wisdom traditions of the world and our own embodied experience. Our shared hope – to help evolve sustainable local cultures, in the face of an uncertain global future.

Will you join us?

Are you called to walk a sacred feminine path?

If you are seeking a lived spirituality that will embrace and celebrate your womanhood.. If there is something in the word ‘priestess’ that intrigues and excites you.. The Daughters of Ishtar Priestess Pathway can help you find your way.  Discover the joy of expressing and sharing your unique personal and creative gifts in service to the Goddess and your community.

Daughters of Ishtar embodies a feminine stream of blessing which honours and holds the whole of women’s lived experience as sacred – the luminous moments of love, joy and self-transcendence as well as the dark and potent places of despair, rage and birthing power.

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